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What BTS outfits left you shocked?

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What BTS outfits left you shocked?

OK it's not about outfit that shock me, but about a bit.. hm..scandal clothes. 18+, no kids in this post 🔞 😋

First is Jungkook with his amazing socks:

Also Yoongi with his overtly sexy t-shirt in MV “Fake Love". Hm.. Strong pic

These words on the Jimin's sweater are.. too rude. I bet everybody who knows Russian was really shoked 🤭 Translation means “f**k you" in very rude way (in English it’s means “Go sit on a d*ck”).

I believe Jimin didn't know about it because later he was hiding behind Hobi, and on the actually set on iHeartRadio he put his sweater on the other way around..

And again Jimin with his (maybe) favorite t-shirt

Ok this Jungkook sweater is not 18+ but still funny

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