What life advice would you give to a 17-year-old? - Voxbd

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What life advice would you give to a 17-year-old?

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  1. Everybody struggles to be a teenager.Honestly, it is hard being a teenager. Struggling to fit in is a part of your journey. Embrace it but don't get so lost trying to please everyone that you forget about your likes and dislikes.
  2. It's okay not to have the best pairs of outfits to wear all the time. Don't spend too much time worrying about your fashion sense. Wear clean, not fancy, clothes.
  3. Don't punish yourself for somebody else mistakes. Don't treat yourself the way some ignorant people treat you. Value yourself and don't care about others.
  4. Feeling lost in life is normal. It is normal to feel lost and stuck at this phase of life but don't worry everything good will find its way towards you sooner or later. Always believe everything happens for a reason.
  5. Don't idolize someone just because they are better than you. It's good to have a role model in life but don't spend too much time trying to follow somebody else footsteps rather than leaving your own. Have your ethics and values. Stop copying celebrities.
  6. Spend most of your time exploring. Try different things and see what interests you the most. Know about your likes and dislikes. Learn who you are before you learn to become someone whom you can be.
  7. Make few quality friends. You are the person you spent time with. Make sure that your group wants to see you win, not defeated.
  8. Learn to take care of yourself. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Bath regularly. Exercise often. Socialize. Meditate and eat a healthy diet.
  9. It's ok to be different. Different is beautiful. Being different is amazing. Don't try too hard to fit in the molds of society when you are born to achieve something significant. People who are always busy judging others have no time to make themselves great.
  10. Don't avoid pain. It's not always about how happy you want to be but what kind of pain you want to have in life. The pain of hard work or the pain of mediocrity. Choose your paint wisely. Avoidance of pain won't ever make you happy overcoming them will surely do.
  11. The study is not everything. Don't get me wrong but there are far more important things in life than studying like making friends, finding true love, working on your dream project. It's important to have goals but don't let them miss the beauty of the world around you.
  12. Don't just exist, live and let others live. You won't get to live your teenage years again. Party once in a while. Make memories. Make new friends. Make good mistakes. Get out of your comfort zone and unfold the vast world. Respect your existence as well as others present in your life.

Explore yourself as much as you can before you step outside to explore the world that is waiting to know who you are.