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What are some psychological facts about attraction?

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What are some psychological facts about attraction?

  • People like to Solve Mysteries: Don't post everything on social media, keep your few talents hidden from the world. People always want to explore the unexplored.
  • Express yourself without any filters: You can only make other people attracted to you, by expressing yourself completely where you’re not afraid to share your vulnerabilities, weird human stories, laughter, and embarrassing moment to connect with people in a more effective way.
  • Remember Names: A legendarily successful writer known as "Mr. Charisma" himself, Dale Carnegie, once said that “a person’s name is to him/her the most important & the sweetest sound in any language.” It's simple but effective.
  • Power of Touch: Touch is important for human interaction and I don’t just mean romantic relationships. Studies have shown that touch signals trust and safety amongst friends and co-workers. A simple touch can trigger the release of oxytocin (the love hormone) & reduces cortisol (stress hormone).
  • Smile: It is the fastest way to communicate friendly intentions and put other people at ease.
  • Humor: Make others laugh but not like an idiot. If, you must talk about yourself; use self-deprecating humor. Humor is associated with intelligence and honesty.
  • Stop Complaining: Avoid complaining & also stop criticizing other people. start a conversation that brings you pleasure and will bring the same to your listener.
  • Do the opposite: Don’t use it in the wrong way but it’s an easy & fun way to be playful and make people laugh.
  • Respect Yourself: Don’t be available to everyone all the time. Show them you have an abundance of people to choose from. It makes you less desperate and more attractive.